Procedure and Will Type

Basic option

If you arrange an interview with me for the preparation of one of the "Basic" Will options, then provided that:

  1. you have read all the relevant information on the web site; and
  2. you provide me with the required information,

then the "Basic" Will options can be completed in one short interview at the fixed-price.  After the interview, I will send you the completed Will together with instructions on having it signed.

It may be that at the interview you realize that other matters need to be considered outside the content of the "Basic" Will option that you have selected.  That is not a problem.  It just means that the fixed-price will not apply.  You will be charged for the time I spent with you in conference and preparing your Will.

Standard option

A "Standard" Will option may or may not be able to be completed in one interview with me.  Much depends upon you. 

Read about the matters that affect the time that it takes and therefore the costs.

It is certainly preferable that you have read the available information on this web site in preparation for the interview with me.  It is also preferable if you have given consideration to the appropriate checklist.

If appropriate, after the first interview I can send you:

  1. a draft of your Will; and
  2. a list of matters requiring attention and unresolved from the first interview.

Your Will can then subsequently be finalized when I receive your further instructions.  Those instructions may be provided in writing, by telephone or perhaps another interview.