Enduring Power of Attorney

The topic of an enduring power of attorney (EPA) is discussed in two parts -

  • from the perspective of the person making an enduring power of attorney; and
  • from the perspective of the attorney appointment under an enduring power of attorney.

The clear message from both parties perspective is that there should be some overall PLAN which is in part being implemented through the enduring power of attorney.

Both parties need to thoroughly understand the nature and effect of the document and what the implications will be for both of them before it is signed.

Further, both parties should be aware of the wider PLAN that is involved and the part that the enduring power of attorney has in implementing the PLAN.

The fact that the form is so easy to complete (as there is not much information to include) and then all you have to do is sign it - makes it dangerously simple!  Certainly this is so in Western Australia. There is an encouragement for people to do their own enduring power of attorney and only to consult a lawyer for the more complicated circumstances.  In other States advice must be sought.

See - making an EPA

        accepting appointment under an EPA

There is a dark side to the issue of enduring attornies!

In Western Australia the relevant legislation is the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 which is available from the State Law Publisher.