Will Types

A Will is a powerful thing - it can greatly influence other people's lives for good or for bad.

A Will is probably the most important document that you ever do.

Each Will deals with a unique set of circumstances.  It is an important document and deserves careful and detailed consideration.  This said, Wills can be categorized into broad categories. Click here for a quick guide to assist in selecting the starting point for an appropriate Will for you.

If your situation is "simple and straightforward", then one of the "Basic" Will options may be appropriate.  These options can be completed for a fixed price.

For Will options that are not done for a fixed price, there is some part which is done for a fixed price and where time is charged, an initial discounted hourly rate applies.

The other categories are:

It is useful if you are able to select the correct option applicable to your circumstances.  However, it does not matter if you choose incorrectly or that the option selected cannot be implemented as you initially thought.  The initial selection is just a starting point.  If no option is selected in advance, the default is the "Standard" option.