Making an EPA

And enduring power of attorney is just one of the tools available to you to implement your PLAN regarding your present situation as well as into the future.

The ability to make an enduring power of attorney relies upon legislation enacted by each State.  The statutory provisions are different between the jurisdictions and care needs to be exercised when cross jurisdictional issues might arise.

As with other planning issues, some people fall into the trap of not addressing the PLAN early enough.  The fact is that the planning is a NOW task.  The tools that you may need from time to time to implement those plans may be done now or may be done or changed at different times in the future depending upon the PLAN!.  Most importantly you need a PLAN of what to do and when to do it.

An enduring Power of attorney needs to be in place well before it is needed.  In practice, many cases seem to arise of people thinking about such matters only by the time it is too late.

It is not necessarily true that only older people need enduring powers of attorney.  In some circumstances, it may be wise for younger people to have an enduring Power of attorney to deal with consequences of accidents or illness.

What is it?

What information is required to complete the EPA form?

It is usually appropriate to consider the situation regarding an enduring power of attorney in conjunction with a Will and Estate Plan.  This is so even though they deal with different situations.

The Office of the Public Advocate in WA has an enduring power of attorney information kit (including the form) available for download on its web site -read the  EPA information kit.

The Australain Government website provides links to the equivalent agency in the various states and territories for powers of attorney.