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I help clients PLAN their lives.

The law provides a framework for people to own, access, control and transfer property.  The framework can be complicated.  Within the framework is a huge degree of freedom for people to make decisions about the ownership and control of property.  Every person has their own unique set of circumstances.

You need to have a PLAN that deals precisely with your requirements and situation.  However, there are some things that affect everyone and the PLAN should address -

  • the adequacy of your present ownership arrangements of property;
  • future acquisitions and disposals of property;
  • how the possibility of temporary or permanent incapacity of family members can be managed;
  • how succession of property will operate;
  • how the possibility of ill health and incapacity of relatives will be managed;
  • the implications of family members acting as attorneys, guardians, administrators, executors etc in relation to the estates of relatives.

For those who don't exercise the freedom given to them wisely and instead rely upon whatever default results may be involved, should not be surprised if the results are problematic.  I also accept instructions in relation to dealing with such problems!

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Peter D Clarke

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