Standard Will

Who might it be appropriate for?

The "Standard" Will will be appropriate for many people.  The "Standard" Will is more a reference to the interview process, rather than the final contents of the Will itself.  The final contents of your Will depend upon your circumstances, family relationships, financial situation and objectives.

The interview with me addresses all these aspects.  Some aspects may be quite easy to deal with and some aspects may require advice and assistance from me.

The advantage of this approach is that it allows you:

  • to ensure that all necessary matters are considered; and
  • to make informed decisions.

If you carry on a business or have associated entities such as family companies or family trusts, then the "Standard Plus" option is applicable.

With sufficient details of your assets and liabilities, I will be able to make recommendations concerning Estate Planning issues relevant to you, if requested.

Read about the information requirements and checklist.