Information for EPA form

The information required to complete the enduring power of attorney form in Western Australia is deceptively simple!  There can be a lot of complications about the efficacy of the EPA, how the powers are in fact exercised by the attorney etc etc.  But the actual information to complete this "simple" form is minimal.

All you need to do is -

  • pick a person(s) to be the attorney
  • decide if you need a substitute attorney
  • decide whether you want to put restrictions on the powers of the attorney
  • pick one of the two options about when the power of attorney will come into force.

The crucial thing that you must do is have your PLAN in place!  Your overall plan will help you make better decisions about the completion of this deceptively "simple" form.

To ensure that you have a good understanding of what the effect of the EPA check that you can appropriately answer these questions.